Argent Silversmith


Argent jewellery is imagined, designed and handmade by Elizabeth H in her gypsy studio - primarily based in the Australian Alps. Elizabeth has always had a passion and love for silversmithing and jewellery design, which she has been developing surrounded by inspiring landscapes.


Having always been drawn to original yet delicate jewellery and the creation of wearable art, when my hands finally found silver, it was a match made in finger-burning heaven.

Argent ('Silver' in my native tongue, French) is about creating jewellery pieces inspired by the captivating hills of the Australian Alps as well as incorporating elements from the ocean and places travelled. 


Argent jewellery does not follow the conventional silversmithing techniques, privileging peculiarity over tradition, beauty over conformity. Every piece is created for the wearer, bespoke and unique.

Argent creations are currently categorised into three distinct collections, though some pieces may have traits that overlap and others are one-of-a-kind, based on the gem and/or wood they encase.



Every piece is created by hand, from sawing, and sanding to buffing and soldering. Every jewel is created according to the unique interaction between colour and texture, contour and shape. 

The metals used are recycled and of Australian origin, the wood is reclaimed from Blackwood and Red Ironbark offcuts. The pearls and opals were selected carefully with knowledge of sourcing and ethical production.